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Listing On This Directory

If you are interested in listing with, here are a few guidelines we have that help us maintain the quality of the artists that we list on this directory:

  1. We ask that you share with us a website or portfolio of your work so that we can see that you are a working makeup artist in your area that is familiar with wedding hair and/or makeup styles and techniques.

  2. A price list or a range of prices that you offer to your brides.

  3. Referrals and phone numbers of at least three previous brides for whom you have provided wedding makeup services.

  4. A cellular phone (or access to one) is something that we strongly urge every artist to have. We have implemented a sophisticated phone, email and text system that functions with our website as well as our 1-855-BRIDAL-MAKEUP toll-free number that alerts you instantly when you have a potential client contacting you. In our experience, without a cell phone, you will be cutting your potential leads by half or more.

  5. Consistently updated (at least once per month) social networking profiles on Facebook and Flickr specifically for your makeup business. Having a Twitter account and a blog is a big plus. We can show you how to set these up if you don't have them, but you will need to consistently update them as required.

If you feel that you meet these requirements and would like to get listed on Bridal Makeup, please contact us.

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